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FAQ: What's the best way to warm up your ad account?

Updated: Mar 7

We have a crowdfunding course called The Crowdfunding Essentials, and often get a bunch of really great questions from people who take the course and who want to know more. In these very short FAQs we'll answer some. Hopefully, these answers prove useful to you too. Check out the video below if you'd rather watch than read the answer to this question.

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How important are Facebook ad account warmups when wanting to run ads for crowdfunding campaigns? When you are a new advertiser and you have a new business account or a new ad account on Facebook or Meta, you might not be able to instantly scale those ads up. In fact, if you spend too much too fast, your ad account will get blocked. Just like with email domains, you need to warmup your ad account.

What's the best way to warm up your ad account? Well, Meta looks at two things: first they look at the duration which you've advertised without issues on their platform. And two, they look at how much you've spent during that time. Luckily, the amount you've spent isn't as important as a duration that you've gone without issues.

We recommend to do ad account warmups for Meta, which means starting an ad account and running it with a low daily budget between $1 and $5 a day, depending on what you can afford.

Run the ads for three months with an internal objective (within the Meta platforms), meaning don't send traffic to an external landing page, but for example, run an engagement campaign for page or post likes. This causes your traffic to stay within the Meta ecosystem which is something they highly prefer and which gives fewer compliance issues.

In short: run some ads for three months with a $1 to $5 a day budget. This is still not a guarantee, you might still get suspended, but a three month warmup is usually a really good start.

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