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FAQ: How fast should an email blast convert?

We have a crowdfunding course called The Crowdfunding Essentials, and often get a bunch of really great questions from people who take the course and who want to know more. In these very short FAQs we'll answer some. Hopefully, these answers prove useful to you too. Check out the video below if you'd rather watch than read the answer to this question.

The first question is: "you mentioned 2 to 5% leads can convert into backers, how much time is needed for this conversion after the email blast?"

So we recommend you to do a good pre-launch, where you collect emails. Typically, 2 to 5% of those emails convert into backers. And the question is: "how long does it take to convert ones who've been sent the actual email that you've just launched?"

Generally, this conversion happens within minutes, if not seconds.

When we have a big launch at YG, when we work on bigger projects, we sometimes crash Kickstarter, to be honest, because so many people start backing immediately. So this really happens within minutes of you sending out that email f you have a highly engaging email.

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