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Unveiling the Magic Behind Destiny Quest's Latest Expansion

DestinyQuest: The Wrath of Ragnarok is an exciting project currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. This project is a new interactive novel in which the reader plays the role of a hero on a perilous journey, making choices and facing challenges along the way. This unique format allows readers to experience a personalized adventure, where their choices and actions impact the outcome of the story. With gorgeous illustrations and an epic storyline, DestinyQuest: The Wrath of Ragnarok promises to be a thrilling adventure for fans of fantasy and gaming alike. The project has already garnered significant interest and support from backers, and is poised to bring a new level of excitement to the world of interactive storytelling.

Please describe the project you want to for people who might not have heard about it.

I'm raising funds on Kickstarter for the latest book in my solo-roleplaying game book series.

How did you get into this field of work?

I created DestinyQuest about 10-12 years ago. I was a bit of a gaming addict at the time and spending far too many hours playing online rpgs like World of Warcraft, and looters such as Diablo and Torchlight. I had the idea that I wanted to capture the fun and addictiveness of those games but in a paperback format. I grew up playing the Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf game books, where you would make choices for your character, turn to various paragraphs and follow an adventure, rolling dice to battle monsters. That background in game books helped me to come up with a unique game system that would marry the old ‘choose your own adventure’ format with more modern gaming tropes, such as hero customisation, looting monsters, and strategic combat.

Is this your first project or have you published games before?

I have been writing the DestinyQuest game book series for about ten years now. Currently there are four books in the main series. Last year I used Kickstarter for the first time to publish a ‘side project’ related to the series called The World Companion – which is a sort of RPG campaign book that delves deeper into the rich lore and characters of the world I have created. I was really impressed with how easy Kickstarter was to use and interact with – and of course, it is great to be able to successfully raise funds to help being your ideas to life.

What are some really awesome elements of this project?

The Wrath of Ragnarok is the fifth book in my DestinyQuest series. I am super excited to share this amazing adventure as it has lots of new features and surprises to entertain gamers – such as huge Mythic Monster boss fights and a new “story mode” for more casual gamers. The book also has a ton of incredible internal art, featuring puzzles, maps and other goodies. Because this is my fifth book, I have a lot of experience writing these style of adventure books now. Hopefully that will show in the myriad of story choices on offer as well as the unique combat system that recreates the fast pace of your favourite action video game – from summoning magic powers, creating powerful combos, and seeking out enemy weaknesses. My books have been likened to popular games such as God of War and Dark Souls – which I am very proud of!

Who is this product designed for?

The DestinyQuest books are aimed at anyone who loves gaming – be that video games or tabletop gaming. I feel that my books are inspired by the very best elements of both, to deliver an exciting solo campaign where you play the hero and get to make choices for that hero, all within a book format. All you need to embark on your adventure is a pencil, dice and a DQ hero sheet!

What was the inspiration behind this project and why are you launching this now?

The Wrath of Ragnarok is the highly-anticipated sequel to my previous game book, The Raiders of Dune Sea. My fan base have been eagerly waiting for this book to discover what happens next in the adventure. I finished the book in November of last year, and since then I have been game testing and proofing the text, and working with talented artists on the internal art and cover. The book is now at an advanced stage of editing, with all artwork completed. I feel now is the right time to share this gaming gem with the world and raise some funding to help me cover some of the costs involved in bringing a big publishing project like this to life.

Is your game based on any existing games or game mechanics?

DestinyQuest books are heavily inspired by looter RPGS such as World of Warcraft, Diablo and Torchlight. It uses a map system where you get to choose your quests and plan out your path through the adventure. As you complete quests and defeat monsters you gain loot for your hero. Each piece of loot also has its own special abilities. That means, as you progress your hero through the adventure, you are constantly customising their gear and equipment to craft the type of hero that you want to create. There are also careers that you can unlock and pets/minions that you can have as companions to aid you in combat.

What was the most surprising thing you learned while making this?

Interesting question. I think one of the things that really stands out with this project is the fan support that I have had – not only through the writing process, but also in the development and delivery of the Kickstarter. I was incredibly lucky and privileged to have fans that offered to create my trailer, compose music, and also offer their talents with the creation of some of my gaming collectibles. It really is humbling to consider that these people are willing to give their time and energy to support something that they are deeply passionate about – and I am sure that passion comes across in the project.

What is the most challenging task in launching this project?

I think one of the challenges for any project is exposure. These books have huge appeal to gamers of all kinds, from tabletop gamers to video gamers. It’s a vast audience but it is also an audience that can be hard to reach and have your voice heard as it is such a contested market. I’m just one guy trying to get my product seen and appreciated – and I don’t have big bucks or a marketing agency behind me to help target and hammer away at the crowds. What I have dabbled in is some social media advertising, which I plan to do more of during the campaign – and of course, the existing fans have been wonderful with helping to spread the word. I also reached out to a few YouTubers who have run content for me. All that helps but I think marketing is where my biggest challenges lie.

Have you partnered up with anyone else for this project?

I’ve been hugely lucky to have talented individuals who have lent their time and talents to help turn my ideas and game world into something truly special. I think the most significant of these contributions is the trailer, which was created by Diogo Leitão, a fabulously talented Portuguese animator/trailer designer, who was a fan of the series. These visual aids really help to promote my project and explain the DestinyQuest world and system. They say a picture paints a thousand words – and the Kickstarter trailer certainly does that, and then some!

Want to find out more? Go to their website or check out their Twitter. And of course back their Kickstarter for more updates.

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