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YG Launch

With YG Launch your campaign gets fully funded in the first 24 hours.


Pre-launch is the most important factor in the overall success of your campaign, and our team ensures you're off to a great start.


YG creates a stunning landing page and drives traffic through Facebook, Google, Youtube and TikTok ads to collect email sign-ups that convert.


While our ads are running and generating email sign-ups of future backers, our email marketing team crafts compelling and smart marketing funnels to educate and warm up the audience.


Our tried & tested marketing funnels engage and analyse your audience through multiple channels, like a Facebook VIP group, paid reservations and an integration with Kickstarter's pre-launch system.


We employ sophisticated predictive analytics models to ensure we don't just deliver audiences at a low cost, but also building a group of backers that's going to convert. We predict your audience's conversion rate with 99% accuracy, ensuring week by week we're on track to have a succesful launch.


YG Launch includes the following services:

❇️Pre-launch marketing funnel

❇️Landing page design & hosting

❇️Custom domain

❇️Email marketing strategy & content

❇️Social Media strategy & content

❇️Graphic design

❇️Facebook Pixel setup

❇️Facebook & Instagram advertising setup

❇️Facebook & Instagram optimization every 24 hours

❇️Google, TikTok & Youtube advertising setup & optimization

❇️Advertising creatives (copywriting + graphic design)

❇️Access to YG Analytics dashboard



2 weeks setup

4-6 weeks advertising & optimization

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